Preparation of Manuscript

The Title Page should contain the article title, authors' names and complete affiliations, footnotes to the title, and the postal address for manuscript correspondence (including e-mail address and fax numbers). The Abstract should provide a brief summary of the main findings of the paper.

References should be cited in the text by a number in square brackets. Literature cited should appear on a separate page at the end of the article and should be styled and punctuated using standard abbreviations for journals (see Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index, 1989). For unpublished lectures of symposia, include title of paper, name of sponsoring society in full, and date. Give titles of unpublished reports with "(unpublished)" following the reference. Only articles that have been published or are in press should be included in the references. Unpublished results or personal communications should be cited as such in the text.

Equations should be typewritten whenever possible and the number placed in parentheses at the right margin. Reference to equations should use the form "Eq. (2.1)" or simply "(2.1)." Superscripts and subscripts should be typed or handwritten clearly above and below the line, respectively.

Figures should be in a finished form suitable for publication. Number figures consecutively with Arabic numerals. Lettering on drawings should be of professional quality or generated by high-resolution computer graphics and must be large enough to withstand appropriate reduction for publication. Illustrations in color in most cases can be accepted only if the authors defray the cost. At the Editor's discretion a limited number of color figures each year of special interest will be published at no cost to the author.

Instructions for Authors