Volume 10, Issue 4
Singular Boundary Method to Simulate Scattering of SH Wave by the Canyon Topography

Zhuochao Tang ,  Zhuojia Fu and Dongjian Zheng & Jundong Huang


Adv. Appl. Math. Mech., 10 (2018), pp. 912-924.

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  • Abstract

This study presents an alternative meshless boundary collocation approach, the singular boundary method (SBM), in conjunction with the image concept for simulating SH wave scattering by the canyon topography. First the image concept is implemented to extend the original semi-infinite domain problems to infinite domain problems. Then the SBM has been used to solve the infinite domain problems. In the SBM it employs the singular fundamental solutions as basis functions and introduces the concept of source intensity factor to regularize the singularities of the related fundamental solutions, which avoids singular numerical integrals in the boundary element method. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach for SH wave scattering by the canyon topography, several benchmark examples are considered. The present results are compared with the analytical solutions, the null-field boundary integral equation method.

  • History

Published online: 2018-07

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65N80, 65N35, 65N38, 86-08

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