Volume 32, Issue 1
Toeplitz Type Operator Associated to Singular Integral Operator with Variable Kernel on Weighted Morrey Spaces

Y. He and Y. Wang


Anal. Theory Appl., 32 (2016), pp. 90-102

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  • Abstract

Suppose $T^{k,1}$ and $T^{k,2}$ are singular integrals with variablekernels and mixed homogeneity or $\pm I$ (the identity operator).Denote the Toeplitz type operator by\begin{align*}T^b=\sum_{k=1}^QT^{k,1}M^bT^{k,2}, \end{align*}where $M^bf=bf.$ In thispaper, the boundedness of $T^b$ on weighted Morrey space areobtained when $b$ belongs to the weighted Lipschitz function spaceand weighted BMO function space, respectively.

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Published online: 2016-01

  • AMS Subject Headings

42B20, 40B35

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