Volume 13, Issue 3
Extended BGK Boltzmann for Dense Gases

Saikishan Suryanarayanan ,  Shiwani Singh and Santosh Ansumali


Commun. Comput. Phys., 13 (2013), pp. 629-648.

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AnalternateBGKtypeformulationoftheEnskog equationhasbeenrecently proposed [1]. It wasshown that the newmodel has avalid H-theoremandcorrectthermal conductivity. We propose Lattice Boltzmann (LB) formulation of this new EnskogBGK model. The molecular nature of the model is verified in case of shear flow by comparing the predicted normal stress behavior by the current model with the prediction of molecular dynamics simulations. We extend the model for multiphase flow by incorporating attractive part as Vlasov type force. To validate multiphase formulation, the results of 3D simulations of a condensing bubble in a periodic box are presented. 

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Published online: 2013-03

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