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Liberal Arts Education at Lingnan University, Hong Kong: Opportunities and Challenges
Mark A. McGinley and Donghui Li

Innovative Teaching and Learning DOI: 10.4208/itl.2021000x

Publication Date : 2021-12-31

  • Abstract

Lingnan University (LU) in Hong Kong provides whole-person education combining the best of Chinese and Western liberal arts traditions. LU recently enhanced its liberal arts education by developing critical skills and attitudes required for long-term success in the rapidly changing world (e.g., critical thinking, entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership), refocusing the balance between disciplinary/vocational training and whole-person development, establishing new programs that meet student and societal needs, encouraging high-impact pedagogies, and expanding residential education. Assessments of student and employer satisfaction indicate appreciation for LU’s liberal arts approach. Other universities in China are likely to face similar opportunities and challenges, so LU’s experiences can provide a roadmap for success and evidence of the ultimate value of liberal arts education.

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