Online First
Transforming Instruction in Global Higher Education: Online Learning as Innovation During a Pandemic
Pamela A. Lemoine, Tak C. Chan, Evan Mense, and Michael D. Richardson

Innovative Teaching and Learning DOI: 10.4208/itl.2021000x

Publication Date : 2021-12-31

  • Abstract

The COVID-19 pandemic made the business of global higher education more complicated and competitive each day. Globalization with changes in the world’s economy, increasing diversity, the ubiquitous use of technology, and the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting higher education in ways no one could have predicted. The sudden move of instruction to online learning presents tremendous challenges for global higher education institutions. Adding the precarious nature of face-to-face instruction as a result of the pandemic, the future is complicated with most universities using online learning as an innovation to continue instruction. The road ahead for global higher education is filled with questions, hazards and uncertainties that began before the pandemic but was exacerbated with the sudden move to online learning.

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