Commun. Comput. Phys., 2 (2007), pp. 196-238.

Elements of the Lattice Boltzmann Method II: Kinetics and Hydrodynamics in One Dimension

Iliya V. Karlin 1*, Shyam S. Chikatamarla 1, Santosh Ansumali 2

1 Institute of Energy Technology, ETH Zurich, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland.
2 School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, 639798, Singapore.

Received 30 May 2006; Accepted (in revised version) 21 August 2006
Available online 30 September 2006


Concepts of the lattice Boltzmann method are discussed in detail for the one-dimensional kinetic model. Various techniques of constructing lattice Boltzmann models are discussed, and novel collision integrals are derived. Geometry of the kinetic space and the role of the thermodynamic projector is elucidated.

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PACS: 02.90.+p, 05.10.-a,
Key words: Entropic lattice Boltzmann method, entropy, collision integrals, kinetic theory, multi-scale expansion.

*Corresponding author.
Email: (I. V. Karlin), (S. S. Chikatamarla), (S. Ansumali)

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