@Article{AAMM-13-119, author = {Kara , MohamedMesbahi , Salim and Angot , Philippe}, title = {The Fictitious Domain Method with Sharp Interface for Elasticity Systems with General Jump Embedded Boundary Conditions}, journal = {Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics}, year = {2020}, volume = {13}, number = {1}, pages = {119--139}, abstract = {

In framework of the fictitious domain methods with immersed interfaces for the elasticity problem, the present contribution is to study and numerically validate the jump-integrated boundary conditions method with sharp interface for the vector elasticity system discretized by a proposed finite volume method. The main idea of the fictitious domain approach consists in embedding the original domain of study into a geometrically larger and simpler one called the fictitious domain. Here, we present a cell-centered finite volume method to discretize the fictitious domain problem. The proposed method is numerically validated for different test cases. This work can be considered as a first step before more challenging problems such as fluid-structure interactions or moving interface problems.

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