@Article{AAMM-2-355, author = {Essoufi , El-H.Benkhira , El-H. and Fakhar , R.}, title = {Analysis and Numerical Approximation of an Electro-Elastic Frictional Contact Problem}, journal = {Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics}, year = {2010}, volume = {2}, number = {3}, pages = {355--378}, abstract = {

We consider a mathematical model which describes the static frictional contact between a piezoelectric body and a conductive foundation. A non linear electro-elastic constitutive law is used to model the piezoelectric material. The unilateral contact is modelled using the Signorini condition, nonlocal Coulomb friction law with slip dependent friction coefficient and a regularized electrical conductivity condition. Existence and uniqueness of a weak solution is established. The finite elements approximation of the problem is presented. A priori error estimates of the solutions are derived and a convergent successive iteration technique is proposed.

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