Publication Ethics

Editors' Responsibilities

• The associate editors are expected to help decide whether the peer-reviewed manuscripts submitted to JNMA should be accepted for publication.

• The editors may be guided by the policies of JNMA Editorial Board and constrained by such legal requirements regarding issues such as libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism.

• The editors should not disclose any material submitted to JNMA and communications with reviewers.

• The editors should guarantee the fair, unbiased, transparent and timely peer review process by selecting anonymous reviewers who have suitable expertise in the relevant fields. 

•The editors are obliged to assist JNMA and author(s) with prompt investigations, retractions, clarifications or rectifications, once any research misconduct or error is confirmed at any time.

•  All editors in the Editorial Board are cordially invited to contribute or recommend at least one paper to JNMA every three years.


Authors' Responsibilities

• All the work reported in the submitted manuscripts should be original and free from any research misconduct.

• The authors should ensure that the manuscripts have not been published elsewhere or submitted to any other journal(s) when submitting to JNMA.

• Any conflict of interest (employment, consultancy, honorarium, stock ownership, paid expert testimony, patent application/registration, grant, other funding, etc.) should be clearly stated. 

• Those who have made significant contributions to the conception, design, execution or interpretation of the submitted manuscripts should be listed as "authors", and all those have made substantial contributions should be mentioned as "co-authors". Proper acknowledgments should be given to the work referred/cited (of any individual, institution or corporation).

• All authors are obliged to conduct prompt corrections, clarifications and retractions of their published manuscripts when any error or academic misconduct is confirmed at any time.

• Manuscripts of calibre quality are welcomed and cherished by JNMA.


Responsibilities of Reviewers

•  The reviewers are expected to assist the editors in making editorial decisions by evaluating the originality, correctness and writing of the submitted manuscripts objectively.

• The reviewers should provide a detailed, constructive and unbiased evaluation on the scientific content of the submitted manuscripts in time.

•  The reviewers should protect the confidentiality of the submitted manuscripts before its publication.

•  The reviewers should notify the editors about any conflict of interest.

•  The reviewers should be alert to and inform the editors of any ethical concern in the submitted manuscripts such as any violation of academic integrity or any considerable similarity between a previously published article and any manuscript under review.

 • The reviewers are highly respected and appreciated for their review of the submitted manuscripts. 


Responsibilities of the Publishers

• In order to ensure appropriate decisions regarding publication procedures and maintain the transparency of editorial decisions, the publisher is committed to cooperate with journal editors. 

• The publisher is expected to provide support and guidance for the editors and all researchers when necessary. 

Under no circumstance is any research misconduct permitted by JNMA. Once any research misconduct is confirmed, JNMA will handle it with prompt actions according to COPE Guidelines ( by notifying the authors concerned and carrying out practices such as clarification, rectification and retraction.