Volume 4, Number 3
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L. U. AncaraniJ. M. Randazzo


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 193-209.

Preview Full PDF 136 2688 Abstract

Hari Ji SinghBhupesh Kumar Mishra


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 210-224.

Preview Full PDF 145 2717 Abstract

Jianzhong Chen, Zhi-Qiang Liang, Qing-Gang Zhang, Xiao Yang Liu, Wei WangJin-Qing Liu


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 225-234.

Preview Full PDF 145 2498 Abstract

Mailitan Kailaimu, Chun-Li LiHai-Ming Duan


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 235-244.

Preview Full PDF 136 2598 Abstract

Tong-Cheng WuXi-Jun Qiu


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 245-250.

Preview Full PDF 137 2541 Abstract

Gang-Tai Zhang, Ting-Ting BaiMei-Guang Zhang


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 251-260.

Preview Full PDF 138 2350 Abstract

Xue-Ke SongLiu Ye


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 261-268.

Preview Full PDF 136 2576 Abstract

Lin Huang, Xiao-Li Yuan, Shou-Xin CuiDong-Qing Wei


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 269-279.

Preview Full PDF 136 2438 Abstract

M. J. Tang, S. Q. Yang, T. H. Liang, Q. X. YangK. Liu


J. At. Mol. Sci., 4 (2013), pp. 280-286.

Preview Full PDF 140 2541 Abstract

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